The Medicine Garden, Western herbalists
 Medicine grows all around us

The plants that share our world  give us the air we breathe, the fire that warms us, the foods that feed us, and  the medicines that restore us.
 At the Medicine Garden we see the medicines that come from plants as a gift of nature given to help us regain and maintain our health. Using the plants around us for healing has been part of our human heritage from the beginning of time. Herbal medicines healed us for many generations before chemical drugs become the norm, and the power of herbs to restore health and maintain balance is just as strong today as it was for our Ancestors.
For the last fifteen years our aim has been to share this ancient knowledge and practice of healing with all who visit the Medicine Garden today. 

Free advice, herbal sales, & full consultation service available

Our Clinic is based in Chichester, where you can visit for appointments, free advice and herbal supplies

The reception is open                                        Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  9.30-1.30pm
Free advice times with qualified Herbalists      Tuesday,Thursday,Friday  12.30-1.30pm 
                           PLEASE Call or DROP IN at these times for free advice.

Appointments  are available                             Tuesday, Thursday Friday, 9.00am-5.30pm

Call us on 01243 773882

 Fully trained and Qualified Western Herbalists

Steve Taylor trained in both western medicine and the use of western herbs, drawing on a tradition of herbal medicine that has been practiced in Europe since earliest times, and continuing a tradition of healing made famous by Herbalists such as Nicholas Culpeper and John Gerard from the sixteenth Century. As a herbalist he is a member of The National Institute of Medical Herbalists which has been the main governing body for U.K. Herbalists since 1864   

Herbal medicines Conforming to the highest standards

All our herbal products are medicinal grade and conform the the E.U. G.M.P. regulations, we aim to provide organic, biodynamic, locally grown and wild-crafted medicines whenever possible. We prepare all our own medicines ensuring that they are fresh and specific to each individual, unlike the commercial products available on the High street and Internet. 

  A fully holistic approach to meet your needs

At the Medicine Garden we will give you a thorough medical assessment and provide diet and lifestyle guidance. 

To speak to our reception please call us on 01243 773882

 0r visit the clinic at 13 Bramber road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8DA