The Medicine Garden, Western herbalists

"Sangoma" - The song of the ancestors.

The ancestors  call you here, to this place, to this moment. 

The message they give is for you, it goes straight to your heart. Their message is one that transforms the dark to light, suffering to joy, confusion to clarity. To be at one with the call of your ancestors is to once again find your footing on the path you walk. If we can find the courage to embrace the unkown within us, we open the doorway to recreate who we are, to change what seems fixed, and to leave behind that which overwhelms us. The job of the Sangoma is to trigger that change within us, engaging us in healing and ritual to transform our reality, to liberate our spirit. 

 A sesssion of Sangoma Medicine will be one to two hours in length, and will usually involve treatment with herbs, varying with the needs of each individual. The usual cost is £75, for more information please call the reception on 01243 773882